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Steven C. Leskowitz, MD.

Steven C. Leskowitz, MD. is a board certified gastroenterologist and internist. Throughout his 30 plus years in medicine he has always been interested in finding new and innovative ways to help care for his patients. Having seen the vast array of benefits of cannabis use, becoming a marijuana certifying physician is a natural outgrowth of his desire to remain cutting edge.


How does this work?


Step 1.

Create a patient profile on the PA state’s website.


Step 2.

Visit Dr. Leskowitz to obtain certification enabling you to purchase medicinal marijuana. Please bring your medical records with you as they pertain to the condition you are seeking medical marijuana for.


Step 3.

Once your certification has been approved (you will get an email from the state), return to the patient registry to complete and pay for your patient ID card. NOTE: you will not receive a physical card until later in the year but you are registered in the state's system.


Step 4.

You are now eligible to go to a state approved dispensary!



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